On this page you will probably expect an overview of teaching packages. This is understandable, because most driving schools offer teaching packages.

Experience shows, however, that such teaching packages often oblige you to pay for things you may not need. For example, a theory course or an interim test. Do realize that in teaching packages sometimes questionable costs are mentioned. Also, a practical exam in such a package is usually unnecessarily expensive.

What do you pay at Enkabee’s driving school?

Enkabee loves honesty and clarity. That’s why at Enkabee you only pay for the actual lessons. A 60 minutes’ lesson costs € 40,-. In addition, the practical exam with us costs only € 199,-.
There are no additional costs, and certainly no financial surprises.
You can pay the exam fee when you apply for the driving exam together with Enkabee.

Payment in instalments

At Enkabee, everyone can pay in installments. This can be done in steps of ten hours of driving lessons per term. You simply pay the hourly rate, times the number of hours you take lessons.
This way, your driving lessons remain affordable, and it remains clear to you what you pay.

Many possibilities

At Enkabee you have many possibilities. Much can be discussed and, if need be, adjusted to your preference.
The duration of the lesson is up to you. You can take 1 hour lessons, but you can also take more hours in a row. You can also take a crash course in which you take a whole day’s class.
If necessary, you can also take lessons in the evening or on a Saturday.